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Submersibile pumps
Sub­mer­si­ble pumps are found in ma­ny ap­pli­ca­tions. Sin­gle sta­ge pumps are used for dra­i­age, sew­age pump­ing, ge­ne­ral in­du­strial pump­ing and slur­ry pump­ing. Mul­ti­sta­ge sub­mer­si­ble pumps are ty­pi­cal­ly lo­we­red down bo­re­ho­le and most ty­pi­cal­ly used for re­si­den­tial, com­mer­cial, mu­ni­ci­pal and in­du­strial wa­ter ex­trac­tion (ab­strac­tion), wa­ter wel­ls. Other uses for sub­mer­si­ble pumps in­clu­de sew­age treat­ment plants, wa­ter well and deep well dril­ling, ir­ri­ga­tion sy­stems, mi­ne de­wa­te­ring.
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